December Sees Biggest Online Jackpot At Golden Nugget NJ Since August

New Jersey’s Golden Nugget online casino made someone $224,357 richer this month.

The NJ gambling site has made headlines a couple of times this year, most notably in August when the casino’s online slots surrendered a $271,268 jackpot to a woman named Susan.

So far, online slots have accounted for more than one out of every 10 jackpots of $75,000 or more. To say that it’s been a good year for New Jersey’s online gamblers is an understatement.

A review of the past three months of online slots

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement’s latest list of $75K+ jackpots is current through Dec. 11, the day on which Golden Nugget dropped the $224K mother lode.

Here’s a roundup of the past three months of online jackpots:

  • $1,033,006.96 across eight jackpots.
  • Four jackpots from (now FanDuel NJ).
  • Two jackpots from
  • One each from and
  • Online jackpots accounted for 36 percent of all jackpots.

Betfair, as far as $75K+ wins go, was the loosest online casino, paying out the most jackpots at a total $491,541.54 in jackpot wins. This averages to about $122,885.38 per jackpot.

Golden Nugget online casino, while only paying out two jackpots, totaled $370,775, an average of $185.387.50 per jackpot.

December jackpot ranks among the best of the year

December’s formidable Golden Nugget jackpot came via Divine Fortune, a slot game that’s building quite the reputation for huge payouts online and in Atlantic City.

The NetEnt Gaming slot paid out New Jersey’s biggest online slots jackpot of the year in August ($271,268) as well as six of the eight jackpots in the past three months.

Dating back to January, Divine Fortune has paid out nine wins of $75,000 or more.

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Slots get increasing share of NJ online casino jackpots

As mentioned earlier, online jackpots accounted for 36 percent of all $75K+ wins online and in brick-and-mortar casinos.

That’s a significant three-month increase over our previous slots report, in which 19 of the 112 jackpots in 2017 through November were from New Jersey’s online casinos.

Through the first week of May, online slots only produced one $75K jackpot, a fact that makes the growth of big wins even more striking.

It became quite apparent that online slots were making their mark when May was done. Between May 8 and May 31, seven of the 12 $75K+ wins were via online casinos.

While Betfair’s NJ online casino has accounted for the majority of the most recent wins, in a yearlong sense, Golden Nugget’s online casino has accounted for the most consistent big wins. All in all, NJ’s best online gambling sites were huge winners.

Four of the casino’s six recorded jackpots paid out more than $200,000.

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