Caesars Was Fined Again for Employing Allegedly Unregistered Casino Staff

Caesars was fined $46,000 for having 46 employees working at or for its three Atlantic City hotels “without such employees holding the requisite casino employee registrations,” according to Nov. 22 documentation from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE). This is in addition to the $50,000 Caesars agreed to pay in July for allegedly having 49 unregistered staff.

The Nov. 22 DGE action brings Caesars’ penalties for both fines to $96,000. That’s a small portion of Caesars’ $628 million in gross gaming revenue (GGR) so far this year. Its New Jersey retail casinos are on track to generate $750 million in GGR during 2024.

DGE found the 46 new allegedly unregistered employees because of monthly status reports implemented due to the July fine.

The employees who DGE claims are unregistered include:

  • 17 accounting, anti-money laundering, compliance, information technology, and marketing staffers.
  • 29 who are Casino Hotel Alcoholic Beverage (CHAB) workers.

DGE said on Nov. 22:

These violations are in addition to a number of additional failures relating to previously employed but non-registered persons and reporting requirements.

In July, Caesars was fined $50,000 for allegedly employing 49 unregistered workers in divisions including purchasing, information technology, marketing, human resources, and credit departments.

According to the DGE, the Caesars employees perform work for:

  • Caesars Atlantic City Resort and Casino ($200 million in GGR from January through October)
  • Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City ($217 million during the same timeframe)
  • Tropicana Atlantic City ($211 million, also through October)

Meanwhile, the allegedly unregistered Caesars employees don’t appear to work on Caesars Casino or Caesars Sportsbook. The operator’s New Jersey online casino revenue during October – the most recent DGE report – was nearly $9.2 million in GGR.

Caesars Was Fined, But It May Be Penalized Again

DGE Director David Rebuck‘s signature on the Nov. 22 document sits just below the statement:

Any further violation of the above-referenced or other statutes and regulations by Caesars may result in additional regulatory action by the division, as appropriate under the circumstances.

Unlike the July fine, though, this document doesn’t mention required monthly check-ins.

Caesars had to update the DGE in August, September, and October due to the July penalty.

Caesars Self-Reported in July

DGE originally received a complaint about Caesars’ alleged violations before the July fine. However, Caesars did declare how many unregistered employees it had as a result.

Caesars appears to have performed a similar audit for the Nov. 22 letter.

In August, DGE said Caesars:

  • found 60 workers who “had not been included on the monthly employment file feed”
  • 12 of those 60 were “non-credentialed”
  • all 12 obtained credentials by Aug. 31

During September, Caesars had:

  • four employees who weren’t on the monthly feed
  • 68 staffers without the proper credentials

In October, DGE learned Caesars:

  • had 46 staffers gain credentials
  • fired 15 of the 68 allegedly unregistered staffers
  • discovered four workers had proper credentials
  • reported that one employee retired
  • declared that two staffers were on medical leave

Ultimately, DGE said in the Nov. 22 letter that Caesars was fined for having 46 allegedly unregistered employees.

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