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The Bet365 New Jersey brand may not jump out at you and that’s understandable. In a state featuring plenty of high-profile mobile sports betting platforms, Bet365 New Jersey flies under the radar.

That, however, doesn’t mean that will be the case indefinitely. At the moment, Bet365 is only live in New Jersey and Colorado. For those with little to no knowledge of sports betting across the globe, it’s easy to assume Bet365 is a small mobile sports betting platform just trying to establish itself.

The thing is, Bet365 is anything but small on a global scale. In fact, Bet365 is the world’s largest betting operator. Headquartered in England, Bet365 is a market force throughout the United Kingdom and much of the European Union.

The Bet365 Sportsbook bonus New Jersey is a bet $1, get $200 offer for new players.

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Bet365 New Jersey Promo Code For February 2024

Bet365 has a solid promo offer available for those who registered for a Bet365 account in New Jersey. Upon signing up and making an initial deposit of at least $10, you’re eligible to get $200 in free bets after placing your first qualifying bet of at least $1. Terms and conditions apply. 

Bet365 NJ Promo Code Click to Claim
Deposit / Match Bonus Deposit $10, make your initial bet, and received $200 in free bet credits
What States Allow Bet365 NJ, CO
Bet365’s Land-Based Partner Hard Rock Atlantic City
Promo Code Verified For February 2024

How To Register For A Bet365 New Jersey Account

Registering for a Bet365 account is simple and can be completed online quickly. The online form requires your name, date of birth, the last four digits of your Social Security Number, your email address, and phone number. You also need to provide your mailing address. These steps are needed to verify your identity and that you’re at least 21 years old.

You’ll also create a user name and password for the site, and be asked to create a 4-digit security number. There will also be an opportunity to enter any Bonus Code you’re looking to utilize upon registering.

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While a number of sites offer a risk-free bet of up to $1,000 to new bettors, that’s not necessarily a great offer if you plan on easing your way into legal mobile sports betting. If you want to start with a bet of $10, $20, or $50 dollars – or somewhere in between – you’ll only get back what you wagered if that bet fails to cash.

With Bet365, you only need to deposit $10, and your first bet can be just $1 if you choose and you’ll receive $200 in free bet credits. That’s a solid offer.

Bet365 also offers a strong selection of promos available to all bettors that meet the terms and conditions. Among them are Early Payoff opportunities for wagers on the NBA, NHL, NCAA basketball, and various soccer matches.

An NBA bet is settled as a win if your team builds a 20-point lead at any time. Even if the team ends up losing the game, you’ve won the bet. If it’s part of a parlay, that selection is marked as a win. For college basketball games, the magic number is an 18-point lead.

A 3-goal lead wins an NHL bet regardless of the final outcome. The same holds true for a 2-goal soccer lead. There are also a number of parlay bonuses available in addition to other promos depending on the sports currently in season.



Bet365 offers competitive odds when compared to its competitors throughout New Jersey. There are small deviations on betting lines on individual games, which can provide bettors an edge depending on how they view an upcoming game.

If you favor a particular team to cover the point spread, you want as small a number as possible, increasing your chances to win the wager. Conversely, if you’re looking to bet on the underdog, you want the number to be as high as possible.

That’s why it’s always important to shop around, as everyone will rate a sportsbook’s odds vs. the competition differently depending on the intended wager.

As an example, the Toronto Raptors were facing the Brooklyn Nets (a team that once called New Jersey home) on Feb. 28, 2002. At Bet365, the Raptors were listed as 2.5-point favorites. BetMGM, Caesars, and PointsBet also favored the Raptors by 2.5 points.

If you wanted to bet Toronto to cover, Bet365 was among the sportsbooks offering the best odds.

But if you wanted to take the Nets and the points, you wanted to wager with FanDuel, where the Nets were catching 3.5 points. By comparison, DraftKings and BetRivers/SugarHouse favored Toronto by 3 points.



The fact that Bet365’s based in England allows it to shine in this category, which is great if you’re looking to wager on sports that aren’t given much attention in the US.

While sportsbooks based in the US also have you covered on all major sports taking place internationally, they may not offer all of the odds you can find on Bet365. So if the Bowls Grand Prix is an event you want to wager on, Bet365 will have you covered.

Besides offering all of the wagers you can hope to find on all of the major professional sports leagues in America, Bet365 has you covered when it comes to soccer. If there’s a market you’re looking to bet on, you’ll find it at Bet365.

And if you wanted to wager on Australian Rules Football, cricket, cycling, darts, Esports, handball, rugby, or snooker, you can find the odds at Bet365.

Cycling is another area of strength for Bet365, another testament to being based in England.

The good thing is that Bet365 is also strong on all of the sports that traditionally gather the biggest share of the betting handle here in the US.



Whether you’re looking to make an initial deposit of $10 or $38,000 – the maximum deposit allowed by any of the deposit options – Bet365 offers a variety of ways to fund your account.

All deposit options require a minimum deposit of $10, while the maximum deposit amount ranges from $500 to $38,000. Seven of the nine deposit options allow you to place at least $5,000 in your account at a time.

Your deposit options include using a credit card, debit card, and a bank transfer using online banking. If you prefer to use an eWallet, both PayPal and Skrill are available. Using a Bet365 Mastercard is another option, as is a PaySafeCard prepaid voucher or eWallet.

PayNearMe locations can take your deposit and you can also make a cash deposit at the Hard Rock Atlantic City.

You can also use Bet365’s Quick Deposit tool, which you can utilize if you have insufficient funds in your account while attempting to place a bet. You can enter your card’s Security Number and the funds will be deposited and your bet will then be placed.

Withdraws can be made via credit or debit cards, online banking, the Bet365 Mastercard, PayPal, or Skrill. And you can also receive cash at the Hard Rock.



Bet365’s mobile app is easy to download, and that makes it easy to register and prepare to begin wagering via the app. If you prefer betting via a larger screen, you can also access Bet365 via your laptop or desktop computer.

To download the app, you’ll go to either the App Store (iOS operating systems), or to the Play Store if your device has the Android operating system. On the right-hand side, there’s a “Join” icon that you click on to begin registering.

While going through the registration process, you’ll also have the chance to make the initial deposit to fund your account. You must make a minimum deposit of $10, and can go as high as $38,000 depending on the funding method.

When you are ready to wager, Bet365’s site is laid out smartly and simply. The column on the left allows you to click “Offers” and “Top Events” and then lists “Popular,” and “Frequently Visited” sports to wager on.

The middle column is devoted mainly to events in progress that are great for live betting. The right-hand column lists the odds for the day’s top games.

The clean and simple layout makes it easy for new bettors to find what they’re looking for quickly.



Bet365 doesn’t try to be fancy, and that’s a good thing. All the information you need is readily available and presented in a fashion that’s easy to digest for newcomers and seasoned bettors alike.

This is especially helpful on mobile devices, where you don’t have a large screen at your disposal. Just as importantly, Bet365 has plenty of wagering opportunities, including a diverse selection of live wagering choices.

The overall grade was arrived at by averaging the individual grades for various aspects of the user experience.

Is Bet365 New Jersey Legit?

Yes. Bet365’s presence in the US is currently just limited to New Jersey and Colorado, but that’s no indication of its stature internationally. Bet365 is a powerhouse in the grand scale of the sports betting landscape.

How Is Bet365 Regulated In New Jersey

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement regulates sports betting in the state. The department oversees and ensures the legality of sports betting whether it’s done electronically or in person at a retail sportsbook. Any entity receiving a license has undergone rigorous scrutiny.

Bet365 Has A Proven Track Record Outside The US

The lack of a lengthy track record in the US should by no means discourage you from registering for a Bet365 account in New Jersey. Bet365’s dominance in England, the United Kingdom, and throughout much of Europe hasn’t happened by accident. Regulators wouldn’t allow Bet365 to operate without meeting stringent requirements.

Bet365’s Reputation Stands Up To Global Scrutiny

Simply being licensed around the world speaks volumes about Bet365’s stature in the sports betting marketplace. But it’s Bet365’s share in those markets that really tells the story. Sportsbooks can operate in numerous locations, but if they don’t offer a great product, they often are but afterthoughts. Bet365, however, is a leading platform in too many markets to ignore.

Bet365 Offers Competitive Odds and Betting Options

A sportsbook can’t survive long term without offering competitive odds. If the odds are too favorable for bettors, platforms like Bet365 aren’t profitable and, therefore, shut down quickly. But if a site’s odds predominantly favor the sportsbook, savvy bettors don’t take long to figure that out. And that news quickly spreads among the betting community as sharp bettors take their business elsewhere.

Bet365 Has Numerous High-Profile Partnerships

A professional sports franchise or league won’t take a check from just any sports betting platform. If a team signs with an operator that doesn’t treat its bettors well, that reflects poorly on the team as well. Bet365 has a partnership with the San Antonio Spurs, not to mention soccer teams around the globe. Bet365 is also the UFC’s official betting partner in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Why Choose Bet365 Over Illegal Betting Sites?

Bet365 is regulated and legal in the state of New Jersey. That should be the foremost consideration when picking any sports betting platform. Do you want to trust your money to a legal platform that’s tightly regulated – or hand it over to a local bookie, or an offshore betting site?

Maybe you have a relationship with a local bookmaker and have had no issues thus far. If so, what guarantee do you have that it will continue? After all, if the bookmaker is taking illegal wagers, are there other areas in which they’re skirting the law? If the bookmaker is arrested, will you be caught up in the ensuing investigation?

And who, exactly, operates offshore sportsbooks? That’s a great unknown. What is known is that if they fail to pay you legitimate winnings, there’s no one to file a complaint with. US authorities have no jurisdiction hence you have no legal protections.

Bet365 has undergone plenty of vetting both in the US and throughout Europe. It’s a site that takes multiple steps to ensure the security of your account. More importantly, it’s proven to settle bets quickly and equitably.

Why Can You Trust Bet365 New Jersey With Your Money?

When you create an account with Bet365, you have to provide information that verifies your identity. You also create a four-digit security number that shouldn’t be shared with anyone. You’ll need to provide that code to Bet365 so that it knows it’s dealing with the legal account holder.

While no system can promise security no matter what, Bet365 has proven for years that it protects the funds of its account holders.

Sports betting platforms such as Bet365 are held to rigorous standards, arguably higher standards than other sites you may use to order meals, groceries, or other essentials. If your credit or debit card information is somehow stolen, criminals focus on sites that are easy to infiltrate.

Sportsbooks are anything but easy to hack into. There’s too much at stake for sportsbook operators to leave their servers unprotected.

On top of that, New Jersey’s proven track record of protecting its legal sports bettors goes a long way in providing peace of mind. To simply have a sports betting license in the state, sportsbooks must maintain a track record of doing right by bettors.

Bet365 Fact Sheet

How Old Do You Have To Be? You must be 21 years old to wager with Bet365
What States Allow Bet365 Colorado, New Jersey
Who Is Bet365 Partnered With? Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City

Bet365 New Jersey FAQs

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports In New Jersey?

Yes. Sports betting in New Jersey became legal on June 11, 2018. Sports betting is legal at casinos operating in Atlantic City, and at horse racing venues in the state. Mobile sports betting is also legal and New Jersey has numerous online betting options including Bet365. In terms of handle, New Jersey is one of the nation’s top states behind New York.

What Is The Legal Age For Sports Betting In New Jersey?

21. You must be at least 21 years old to wager in the Garden State. That age is the standard in New Jersey and is applicable whether you’re wagering online, or at a retail sportsbook. You must provide your age as part of the registration process online, along with the last four digits of your Social Security Number. This allows sportsbooks to confirm your identity and your age.

Can You Wager With Bet365 While Out Of State?

No. You must be physically located inside New Jersey in order to place mobile sports wagers. Bet365 has yet to launch in any other states in the US, so you must be in New Jersey to use the app or website. You can access the site and see odds while out of state, but it will not allow you to place a bet. This is regulated by geolocation technology.

How Do You Get Paid After Winning Wagers On Bet365?

There are multiple withdrawal methods available. If you’re looking to cash out your winnings, or a portion of them, Bet365 provides numerous options that are free of any fees. You can withdraw money via a bank transfer using online banking, or by using a Bet365 Mastercard, or another credit or debit card. You can also have money transferred via PayPal or Skrill, a pair of eWallets. And if you’re at the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City, you can cash out your winnings on site.

Does Bet365 New Jersey Offer Any Free Bets?

Yes. As part of the registration process with Bet365 in New Jersey, you’re eligible for $200 in free bets after making your first wager of at least $1. While terms and conditions apply, the key points to know are that you must make an initial deposit of at least $10 to fund your account. After that, make a bet of at least $1 that meets the requirements. After that, you’ll have $200 in free bets deposited into your account.

Can You Bet On Esports Using Bet365?

Yes. The market for betting on esports is growing and Bet365 keeps up with the wishes of its bettors. This is a market that’s continually evolving, so be sure to check Bet365 and other platforms to see if they’re offering what you want to wager on. Not all competitions are available at every sportsbook, and there are times during the year where no major competitions are taking place.

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