Report: Atlantic City Executive Switching Sides In State Takeover

[toc]A part of the administration of Atlantic City will be working for New Jersey during the state takeover of the resort town, according to a media report on Wednesday.

From AC to NJ for Holt

According to the Press of Atlantic City, the state hired city Business Administrator Jason Holt. Holt served Mayor Don Guardian in that role since 2014, the Press of AC reported.

The BA “is the liaison between the Executive and Legislative Branches,” according to the website of AC’s government.

In his new role, Holt will work for New Jersey’s Department of Community Affairs as the state takes over city finances.

Irony for AC and NJ

The move for Holt is nearly the equivalent of switching teams at halftime. More from the Press of AC:

The hire is ironic. Holt was often at Guardian’s side in trips to Trenton when city officials were trying to avoid the state takeover. And state officials, pushing for the takeover, argued that city officials were incapable of fixing the city’s finances.

There has been acrimony between the state and AC before and after the takeover.

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The latest on the AC takeover front

Although the takeover is proceeding, things have been mostly quiet in recent months. Gov. Chris Christie was mum on the subject even when he visited AC back in November. outlined how and when the state takeover will resolve itself, along with potential impacts.

Meanwhile, the city and the state continue not to be best friends. Here’s what Guardian had to say about Christie at, at one point saying the governor was trying to set up a “fascist dictatorship” in AC:

“But we thought that the state governors were the southern state governors in the ’60s,” Guardian told the crowd. “Never did we think that the enemy of civil rights would be the governor of New Jersey in 2016.”

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