Box-Office Gambling: Paramount, Video Game Terminal Maker Announce Partnership

Atlantic City casino patrons will soon get to mix their love of Hollywood and gambling.

The video gaming terminal (VGT) company GameCo recently announced a partnership with movie production house Paramount. In that deal, the company will create a trio of new VGTs based on three movie franchises:

  • Mission: Impossible
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • Paranormal Activity

GameCo and Paramount released details of the partnership in a press release. CEO Blaine Graboyes said the company is “thrilled” to feature Paramount titles in the VGTs.

“Video game gambling addresses the largest opportunity for casinos and studios in attracting the next generation of gamers,” he said. “Brands like Mission: Impossible, Paranormal Activity, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off speak to my generation that grew up with these films and love playing video games.”

AC jumped on VGTs

It didn’t take long for VGTs to make their way into Atlantic City after winning approval from state gaming regulators.

This fall, GameCo’s Danger Arena game debuted at Caesars Entertainment properties:

This was the first time in US gambling history that VGTs were in use on a casino floor, beating even Nevada to the punch.

VGTs provide entry point for millennials

The machines could be key to casinos reaching out to millennials, who are statistically shown to be less interested in traditional slot machines and even table games than their predecessors.

Their disinterest in traditional forms of gambling has perplexed casinos. In 2015, American Gaming Association CEO Jeff Freeman said solving that problem was a matter of “throwing things up on the wall and seeing what sticks.”

One year later, the millennial problem remains at the forefront of the gaming industry’s concerns moving forward. Casinos want to remain relevant while still offering a familiar gaming experience for older generations.

A recent Stockton University study that said 21 percent of surveyed individuals under 35 deemed gambling important, while twice as many people 35 or older said they thought it was important.

Is this a viable way to bring millennials on board?

The statistics don’t lie: Millennials aren’t into games of chance or the traditional gambling experience right now.

The VGT uprising is interesting because it not only provides a way for millennials to play video games for money — they battle against the clock and other players — but it also introduces the concept of skill-based games in a world where chance reigns. Down the road, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

For now it seems like casino owners are happy to see if the machines can bring in millennial dollars.

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