All Quiet As Trump Taj Mahal Nears Closure Date

[toc]The Trump Taj Mahal could have just over a week left in its existence.

No news on the Taj Mahal front

Many believed that the planned closure of the Atlantic City resort casino has always just been a bluff to end an ongoing labor strike.

As the planned date of closure — October 10 — draws closer, it seemingly becomes less likely that that is the case. That’s the date plastered across the resort’s web site, which also has details for patrons about how the closure will affect them.

Earlier this month, owner Carl Icahn filed paperwork with the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement to formally close the casino’s doors.

The casino has said it can’t be profitable and give into the demands of the labor union that wants better health care for the workers.

Numbers are down at Trump Taj Mahal

The revenue for AC casinos was down in the last report from New Jersey.

The big anchor dragging down the metrics, not shockingly, was the Trump Taj Mahal. It was down more than $6 million in revenue from August of last year, to $13.7 million. That made it easily the worst casino in terms of revenue.

The only other casino that fell shy of the $20 million mark in revenue was Resorts AC, at $17.5 million. Of course, Resorts, unlike the Taj, is also one the AC casinos that participates in NJ online gambling, so it has that revenue stream as well.

The bottom line: The remaining AC casinos would probably like to pick up the scraps once the Taj closes.

Taj Mahal workers are looking elsewhere

The state’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development put on a job fair for the soon-to-be laid-off Taj workers.

More from the Press of AC:

The state has been working with union and Taj Mahal representatives to ensure that soon to be unemployed workers would have access to unemployment insurance and re-employment services, said Catherine Starghill, executive Director of the Workforce Operations and Business Services for the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

All of it adds up to the idea that we’re witnessing the final days of the Trump Taj Mahal, at least in its current iteration.

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