2022 New Jersey Online Casino Revenue: $1.7 Billion Is a 22% Increase Over 2021

New Jersey online casino revenue may originate from a 10-year-old marketplace. However, with $1.7 billion in gross gaming revenue (GGR) during 2024, it’s performing like the toddler US iGaming states. That’s a 22% increase in revenue over 2021’s $1.4 billion, according to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE).

The Garden State’s December online casino and poker revenue numbers arrived on Jan. 17, and the final month of 2024 yielded $151 million in GGR. The No. 1 revenue-generating online casino state, Pennsylvania, topped New Jersey at $167 million during December. However, that marketplace launched six years after New Jersey’s, in 2019. Also, New Jersey’s $1.7 billion nearly tied Pennsylvania’s 2024 revenue total, which also rounds up to $1.7 billion.

New Jersey online casino is heading into middle school, while Pennsylvania’s iGaming marketplace hasn’t yet entered kindergarten. Still, both are considered mature US online casino jurisdictions.

Only Connecticut, which launched in October 2021, is considered a new online casino state.

New Jersey and Delaware are the US online casino markets that may soon need to buy acne cream. Both were born in 2013.

Even so, New Jersey online casino and poker GGR of $151 million in December 2024 still represented a double-digit increase of 14% over December 2021’s $133 million.

So Garden State iGaming may not be running off with Mom’s smartphone, like Pennsylvania’s 17% year-over-year increase in December, but 14% is far from slow. Plus, New Jersey online casino revenue grew more than $5 million from November to December.

That $5,296,147 change in GGR is the exact dollar increase from November’s $146,159,346 to December’s $151,455,493. So if the immediate response to those figures is that December had one more day than November, that’s true. However, at $13,683 more each day in GGR, December’s daily average of $4,885,661 in revenue outshone November’s $4,871,978 a day in GGR.

New Jersey Online Casino, Poker Shed Diapers Long Ago

As the New Year’s baby gets a little long in the tooth, a few 2024 events have already happened.

New Jersey PokerStars already successfully integrated its Michigan players into tournaments.

The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa hosted The Return, where Bin Weng from Philadelphia won $1 million at the tournament’s Final Table, reported BetMGM’s Katie Kohler on Jan. 8.

So although the DGE released December 2024 and full-year numbers on Tuesday, many will be excited to see the January 2024 revenue results next month.

However, living in the present, NJGamblingSites will take a closer look at December’s numbers.

New Jersey Online Casino Revenue Is Up, Poker Is Down

December is a bit of a repeat of November, in terms of New Jersey online casino revenue increasing as online poker GGR decreases.

In November, online casino revenue rose more than 23% in November 2024 vs. November 2021. While online poker GGR dropped nearly 3%.

In December, online poker rooms generated $2,172,274 vs. December 2021’s $2,337,845 in GGR. That’s a more than 7% year-over-year slide. Meanwhile, New Jersey online casino revenue rose more than 14% to $131 million during the same timeframe.

However, January 2024 figures may change online poker’s fate, considering operators’ renewed attention to the game.

New Jersey Online Casino Revenue, By License Holder

While it’s no shock that the Atlantic City retail casino with the No. 1 US online casino site, in terms of market share, is also the No. 1 revenue-generating operator, it is a little surprising to see how much of Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa’s GGR comes from BetMGM.

Overall, Borgata’s 10 online casino and poker sites saw $44 million in revenue during December. Within that, the BetMGM GGR was nearly $42 million in GGR.

The Resorts Casino Hotel license, which houses five online gambling sites, is No. 2. In December, those sites generated more than $40 million. Its partner DraftKings brought in $30 million of that total GGR.

BetMGM and DraftKings were also the No. 1 and No. 2 brands in New Jersey online casino revenue during December.

That means the other 24 iGaming sites accounted for the remaining $82 million in GGR that the DGE reported in December.

The No. 3 brand in New Jersey online casino circles is FanDuel, which is primarily owned by Dublin-based Flutter Entertainment. So FanDuel is listed with its sister brand, Stardust Casino, for its $20 million total GGR during December. Both brands are on the Golden Nugget Hotel Casino and Marina license, which tallied $38 million in online casino and poker room revenue during the last month of 2024. The casino’s six partner sites had nearly the same revenue during November.

New Jersey online casino revenue from other licenses in December was:

  • Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel and Casino, $5.2 million
  • Caesars Interactive Entertainment New Jersey, $9.6 million
  • Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City, $5.3 million
  • Ocean Casino Resort, $3.5 million
  • Tropicana Atlantic City, $5.9 million
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