What Is Crash Gambling & Where Can You Play?

Crash gambling is loved by players for its simple but exciting gameplay. But many players aren’t sure exactly how it works, and many think that it’s limited to sketchy crypto-casinos. Thankfully, players have access to crash gambling at DraftKings Casino, with more sites expected to get on board soon.

What is Crash Gambling?

Crash gambling is an online game where players place a bet on a growing multiplier. The multiplier starts increasing until it crashes. The player’s goal is to cash out their wager before the crash. If they don’t, they lose their bet.

For example, if you bet $1 and the multiplier reaches 2.5x, you take home $2.50 (your $1 plus $1.50 in profits). But if you planned to cash out at 2.5x and it crashes at 1.7x, you’d lose the bet.

Visually, the game can look like a stock trading graph. Your stock (multiplier in this case) keeps increasing until it crashes. You make money when you sell your stock (cash out) before it does crash. In the case of DraftKings Rocket, the game is represented by a rocketship taking off into the sky, but the gameplay is generally the same.

How to Play Crash Gambling?

Players can legally and safely play crash gambling by following these steps:

  1. Sign up with the DraftKings Casino promo code for a $60 no deposit bonus and other welcome offers.
  2. Search “Rocket” to find the crash gambling game.
  3. Select the bet size
  4. Choose between Manual or Automatic cash out (more on this below)

When you select Manual betting, you manually control how much you bet and when to cash out. Note that you need to pay close attention as the multiplier moves fast.

Alternatively, if you select Automatic, you set a value for the initial bet and when to exit. Also, you can choose how many games to play, increase or decrease the bet depending on the outcome of the previous game and much more. We recommend using this method once you’re familiar with the game.

5 Crash Gambling Strategies

While a crash game is relatively simple, just like any other form of gambling, you should always have a strategy. See our tips to increase your chance of winning.

  1. Start with low bets: Always start with low bets and cash out early. Get a feel of the game, and don’t be over-confident. You instead walk away with a small profit than lose your investment.
  2. Set up an automatic cash out: Once you get comfortable and have won some money, set up an automatic cash out,  and we recommend a low multiplier. That ensures that the system will automatically cash you out, and you play relatively safe.
  3. Try the Martingale system: This is a very popular (but extremely risky) strategy. It states to bet low after a win, ensuring you keep your winnings, and increase wagers after a loss, giving you a better chance to recover your losses. However, several losses in a row can make this strategy detrimental, so most gambling experts recommend players avoid the Martingale system.
  4. Alternatively, some players prefer the Anti-Martingale method: As the name suggests, it’s opposite to the Martingale method. This strategy dictates betting higher when you’re winning to increase your profits while on a roll. As soon as you start losing, you should decrease your wagers. However, again, this is extremely risky, as players stand a good chance of losing all their winnings in a single round with the Anti-Martingale.

Whatever strategy you choose, make sure you play within your means, exit while you’re ahead, and practice Responsible Gambling.

Where to Play Crash Gambling in NJ?

Currently, the only NJ online casino with a cash gambling game is DraftKings Casino. Here’s a breakdown of its popular Rocket game:

DraftKings Rocket

Rocket at DraftKings Casino is a popular crash gambling option. It’s developed in-house and is the casino’s first game using their ExitBet technology, combining entertainment and a high return to player (RTP) percentage. The RTP of DraftKings Rocket is 97%. Check out some of the screenshots below:

DraftKings Rocket Screenshots

Rocket Select
Rocket Multiplier
Rocket Explosion

As the name suggests, DraftKings Rocket is space themed, and you follow a rocket until it explodes. Some features include:

  • Bet: The minimum wager is $1 and the maximum is $1,000.
  • Max multiplier: The max is 1,000x, meaning you have a chance at $1 million.
  • Option to choose your rocket: Before you start, you select the rocket of your choice. It doesn’t affect the odds, but it can make it more visually fun.
  • Live chat: You can chat with other players.
  • Auto cash out: You can set your max multiplier, how many games to play, to exit at a certain profit, and more.

Note that the game runs on a schedule, so you might have to wait until you can join. We recommend watching a few live games before you enter to ensure you fully understand how it works.

Is Crash Gambling Legit?

Yes, crash gambling is legit as long as you play at a legal online casino like DraftKings. Put another way, DraftKings Rocket is legit. The game is verified by third-party regulators as fair and the 97% RTP is accurately represented. 

You might come across other casinos offering crash gambling, but many are offshore or “crypto casinos,” which should be avoided. Offshore casinos are not regulated in the US, and their legal status is questionable. Moreover, some solely try to steal your information. 

On the other side, cryptocurrency is legal in the US, and you can use it as a form of payment, but the crypto casinos are still not regulated. That creates a grey area that allows for questionable websites and casinos, many offshore, to try to take advantage of you.

And, while crash gambling is currently only available at DraftKings Casino, its popularity points towards more other top New Jersey online casinos will start offering it as well, and it’s just a matter of time.

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