DraftKings Casino NJ Adds Slots and LuckyTap from Design Works Gaming

Design Works Gaming (often known by its initials DWG) has a new client in the Garden State. Its slots and signature LuckyTap games are now available at DraftKings Casino

DWG’s original partner in North America was Golden NuggetThat company was acquired by DraftKings back in May this year. It’s no wonder, then, that their business relationships are starting to converge. At the moment, the only other place in the state where you’ll find DWG titles is BetMGM

In a press release, DWG CEO Troy Zurawski said:

DraftKings is a brand that embodies competition. The biggest name in U.S. sports betting with a loyal, hungry player base. They’re known for keeping most operations and game production in house. So when they tapped DWG as a standout studio to help them dominate the slot side of the business, we were more than ready.

Every slots manufacturer is a little bit different. What’s special about DWG? In a word: simplicity. You’re not going to find any DWG titles with eight reels and a list of features as long as your arm. A time-traveling casino-goer from the 1950s would be pretty comfortable with these games, many of which have a classic three-reel design.

NJ Gambling Sites found the following DWG games in DraftKings’ lineup today.

  • Break the Bounty LuckyTap
  • Double Fancy 7s
  • Flippin’ Rich LuckyTap
  • Golden Grand
  • Panda Queen

The press release says that other games will be coming in the next few weeks, mentioning Armadillo Artie Gone Wild specifically.

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LuckyTap: Doubling Down on Simplicity

DWG’s LuckyTap series exemplifies the company’s commitment to minimalism. It’s hard even to call these games slots since there are no spinning reels or symbols to match. As the name implies, you tap the button, and then you either win, or you don’t.

Each game features an animated central graphic corresponding to the game’s theme. For instance, Flippin’ Rich LuckyTap has a wishing well towards which the player flips coins. If the coin bounces off, there’s no prize. If it goes in, that’s a win. In Break the Bounty LuckyTap, the player hopes to break open a treasure chest.

Around the sides of the game screen are various cash prizes. One or more prize icons light up randomly on a successful play, and the player wins the combined total.

That’s about all there is to the LuckyTap games, though Flippin’ Rich does have a progressive bonus feature. If all three “BONUS” icons light up on a winning play, the player gets to play a bonus round in which they reveal icons one at a time until they find three that match, awarding them the Minor, Major or Mega progressive jackpot.

Featured DWG Slot: Panda Queen

There’s already one DWG title at DraftKings that you won’t find anywhere else: Panda Queen. Neither BetMGM nor Golden Nugget currently offers it.

Panda Queen is a three-reel slot with three symbols per reel and 27 pay lines. That means every combination pays, so you’ll never be left wondering why you got three of the same symbol but didn’t win.

There are only five symbols in total. From lowest value to highest:

  • Lotus Blossom
  • Necklace
  • Sarangi (a stringed instrument from Nepal)
  • Gold Lion
  • Red Panda

All of them appear as stacks on the reels, allowing for nice combo wins. The lotus, necklace, sarangi and lion appear in stacks of up to three, while the panda is a single image, two symbols tall.

Sometimes, Bonus or Wheel symbols will appear on the reels. Filling all three reels with those symbols awards free spins or a wheel spin, respectively. The wheel spins pay out straight cash prizes or a progressive jackpot. For the free spins, the only twist is that Wilds replace the panda symbols.

In addition to being simple, it’s pretty low-volatility and has a generous 97.05% return-to-player. All in all, it’s a pleasant, relaxing experience for those who don’t like too many bells and whistles in their slots.

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