Mega Millions $1.1B Prize Causes Superstitions to Surface, and Jackpocket Has a History in NJ

If you haven’t had a conversation with anyone about the $1.1 billion Mega Millions jackpot this week, you probably haven’t had many conversations. Aspiring billionaires looking forward to tomorrow night’s drawing are talking about everything from how they’re using the lottery app Jackpocket to buy their tickets to how they plan to pick their numbers.

Relatedly, Jackpocket Founder and CEO Pete Sullivan talked to today about Garden State lottery ticket buyers. He claims they’re exceptionally fortunate – and find fortune – on the app.

He said Jackpocket accounts for 7% of all Mega Millions tickets sold since April 19, but 8.5% of the ones sold in New Jersey. The jackpot for tomorrow night’s drawing has been growing since April 19.

Familiarity with the app may be part of the reason Garden Staters are clicking on Jackpocket. Back in 2019, the company registered as the first “courier” with the New Jersey Lottery.

Plus, in December 2021, Jackpocket announced it would launch its inaugural online casino app this year in the Garden State.

However, that’s not why New Jersey Mega Millions players may be positively superstitious about Jackpocket.

As Sullivan tells today:

Jackpocket is responsible for the largest sum won across all mobile gaming platforms in the US. One lucky Jackpocket user from Union County, New Jersey, won $9.4 million.

While that’s not small change, Jackpocket has even more history within the Garden State.

What Jackpocket Says About New Jersey

Sullivan singled out New Jersey’s Jackpocket statistics for today. His company operates in 11 other US jurisdictions.

He says to

• NJ players have won over $40 million in lottery prizes on Jackpocket

• Six NJ players have won prizes worth $1M or more

• NJ’s most recent big Jackpocket winner was a 20-year-old student who won $1 million on Cash4Life.

• New Jersey is the home of the top two luckiest ZIP codes on the app in Q2 2024: Bayonne, New Jersey 07002 (winning $1,371,910 total); Passaic County, New Jersey 07508 (winning $1,009,099 total)

Circling back to New Jerseyans’ conversations this week, Jackpocket recorded what the 20-year-old student decided to do.

Jackpocket talked to him in May about his winning Quick Pick numbers:

While the winner and his girlfriend have joked about him leaving school if he ever won a large amount of money, he said he plans to keep studying.

Undoubtedly, most talk today will be about whether to quit jobs and vacation on Caribbean beaches. The student planned to use his $1 million to buy New Jersey real estate. Perhaps he thought the Garden State was his lucky spot.

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