Best Fantasy Slots Online – Top 5 For Fantasy Fans

I read a lot of fantasy books. 50+ per year. I relish the escapism, the feeling of getting whisked away into a loft kingdom or a new world. Nowadays, I think many people can relate, even if books aren’t the medium of choice. Fantasy movies, comics, shows, video games, and books all scratch the same itch.

So, needless to say, I instantly gravitate toward slots with fantasy themes. Fantasy escapism paired with the rush of watching the reels spin? Sign me up!

Fantasy themes are a dime a dozen in the slots world, but some stand out above the rest. Here are a few of the best you can play online in New Jersey.

Top 5 Best Fantasy Slots & No Deposit Bonus Codes

Fantasy Themed Slots Online Casino No Deposit Bonus
Divine Fortune Megaways Slot Golden Nugget No Deposit Bonus Code: PLAYBONUS for $10 free on signup
Cash Wizard Slot Bally Casino No Deposit Bonus Code: PLAYBONUS30 for $30 free on signup
Merlin’s Money Burst Slot Caesars No Deposit Bonus Code: FREEC10 for $10 free on signup
Sword Of Destiny Slot BetMGM No Deposit Bonus Code: PLAYNJFREE for $25 free on signup
Atlantis Megaways Slot Golden Nugget No Deposit Bonus Code: PLAYBONUS for $10 free on signup

Divine Fortune Megaways Slot

Play with Golden Nugget no deposit bonus code: PLAYBONUS for $10 free

So much fantasy is couched in Greek mythology, bringing characters from millennia past into our modern world in the form of slot games. Divine Fortune is one such game, adding griffins, minotaurs, and the deadly Medusa into its gameplay mix, available now at Golden Nugget Casino.

Symbols from the Greek alphabet combine with more familiar slots symbols to meld the fantasy world of Greek myth with the player-favorite mechanics from typical slot games. 

Add the Megaways mechanic into the mix, and you’ve got a fresh take on fantastical, age-old myths easily accessible for modern slot fans in New Jersey and other live markets. 

Cash Wizard Slot

Play with Bally Casino no deposit bonus code: PLAYBONUS30 for $30 free

Allow me to self-indulge for a minute here. Look, I know Cash Wizard isn’t necessarily at the top of anyone’s list when it comes to fantasy games. But there’s a ridiculous appeal to this game, thanks mostly to its mascot.

Just look at him! He’s a glorified stick figure in a wizard hat and robe. He’s got a dopey smile on his face. He isn’t giving you any info. Why is he a wizard, and from whom did he siphon his world-shaking magical powers? 

Don’t know, don’t care. And he’s certainly not gonna tell us. Instead, we’ll have to settle for watching this little guy preside over the Cash Wizard slot and enjoy his blank-slate wizarding whimsy at Bally Casino Online.

Merlin’s Money Burst Slot

Play with Caesars Casino no deposit bonus code: FREEC10 for $10 free

Now here’s a wizard who knows what’s up. Merlin has a long legacy that makes him one of the most recognizable names in any fantasy realm. The character’s in some fantasy worlds even use his name and facial hair as an exclamation: Merlin’s beard!

He’s famous for a reason, so it’s no wonder Merlin has weaseled his way onto our best fantasy slots list. This one is available at Caesars Casino.

Of all the games on this list, I think Merlin’s Money Burst has the coolest overall design. The reel array is unique, eschewing the typical 3×5 or 5×5 layouts you’d see on most games. Plus, the ho-hum symbols of yore have received a makeover, each letter boasting its own pair of eyes, lending some credence to the fantasy pastiche of the game. 

The wackier symbols further the world building of Merlin’s Money Burst. There’s a mysterious book, a bag of gold coins, a twisty-turny hourglass that almost DEFINITELY screws with time, a gem held by a taloned monster, and a stunning portrait of a grinning Merlin himself. 

Tack on a fabulous fantasy soundtrack, a slick background design, and excellent gameplay mechanics, and you’ve got an overall exquisite fantasy slot. 

Sword Of Destiny Slot

Play with BetMGM no deposit bonus code: PLAYNJFREE for $25 free

Not to be confused with The Witcher book of the same name, Sword of Destiny brings the darker side of fantasy to slots. You can play it today at BetMGM Casino.

The other items on this list trend toward the cartoony side of fantasy, especially Cash Wizard. Sword of Destiny takes a more realistic approach, placing fierce and fearsome characters atop the reels and featuring fantasy weaponry and accessories on its reels. 

Sword of Destiny’s characters and symbols feel like they’d be right at home in a dark epic fantasy show like Game of Thrones. Plus, the game’s layout is optimized for portait mode, making it a perfect fit for on-the-go, one-handed online play. 

Atlantis Megaways Slot

Play with Golden Nugget no deposit bonus code: PLAYBONUS for $10 free

Open Atlantis Megaways at Golden Nugget Casino, and you’ll immediately feel submerged in a whimsical world ruled by aquatic creatures and denizens of the secret kingdom below the depths. 

Atlantis perfectly captures the escapism that fantasy fans and slot players alike so often seek. The soundtrack lends an air of mysterious discovery to the whole affair, making every spin of the reels feel like a high-stakes moment. The symbols all serve the theme, featuring marine life that would congregate near the underwater kingdom of the game’s namesake lost city.

6 or more scatter symbols—fittingly represented by gold-filled treasure chests—will send players to the jackpot respins bonus for a chance at big, fantastic wins.

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