A Busy NFL Offseason Creates Lots Of Quarterback Markets At New Jersey Sportsbooks

The NFL offseason unveils more new twists.

DraftKings Sportsbook hoisted a late February “post pattern”, placing an array of attractive 2022 wagers before the betting public.

On Wednesday, Feb. 23, the book unfurled odds on opening day quarterbacks for teams who figure to either trade for one or conduct an intense summer-camp competition.

This development followed an earlier market offer regarding potential landing spots for quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans, and Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.

It also preceded betting odds for divisional championships, which began appearing the night of Feb. 23.

Bing-bang-boom, here we go for next year.

New Jersey bettors can keep checking the book for new wrinkles and for wagers that temporarily come down as others go up.

Gamblers will recognize former Philadelphia Eagle Carson Wentz and one-time New York Jets signal caller Geno Smith in projected scenarios about quarterbacks changing teams.

2022 NFL Odds At NJ Sportsbooks

Here’s an overview of the early betting menu:

In the Week 1 starting quarterback realm, the retirement of Ben Roethlisberger makes the Pittsburgh Steelers the most interesting wagering target.

Pittsburgh’s wide-open betting odds reflect the absence of a proven Steelers backup and the possibility of a trade.

Mason Rudolph, who has looked average at best while Roethlisberger’s backup over the past couple years, is the +200favorite.

Dwayne Haskins, who actually looked like a better choice to spell Big Ben last year, is +350.

Any rookie QB is an interesting selection. That’s +750, or third. This could develop if the Steelers trade up in the draft.

Jameis Winston, who played for the New Orleans Saints last year, is +800.

Teddy Bridgewater, a Denver Bronco last season, is +1000. A bettor taking that shot would hope Rodgers goes to Denver, enabling Bridgewater to be peddled.

It would be sensible at some point for the book to post the Tampa Bay Buccaneers into this mix.

Tom Brady retired, but rumors of him reversing the move may put this betting market on hold. If Tampa Bay does need a quarterback, this becomes a hot betting ticket.

The Packers have their annual winter of discontent with four-time MVP Rodgers. Although he’s favored to start in Week 1 at -250, a slew of potential choices offer good odds should he be traded.

The following options are listed:

  • Jordan Love +300
  • Any rookie quarterback +300
  • Winston +800
  • Marcus Mariota +1000

Rodgers was miffed that the Packers drafted Love in the first round in 2020. An eventual Rodgers-Green Bay split looks likely, but bettors must decide if the divorce comes now or next year.

NFL Quarterback Movement Odds

The Seahawks have a similar situation regarding Wilson. He’s -250 to be the Week 1 quarterback. Unlike Rodgers, Wilson may look to change teams in order to have one more Super Bowl shot.

Any rookie quarterback is +500.

Smith, who had the starting role while Wilson was hurt last season, is +1000. Winston is +1200.

So, surprisingly, is Wentz. The Indianapolis Colts obtained him from the Eagles last winter but may have soured on Wentz, who faded in the stretch for a team that did not make the playoffs.

What about where Watson, Rodgers, and Wilson play next year?

Jets fans and New Jersey bettors may enjoy watching the process play out. They already won big based on what did not happen at this time last year.

Talk radio and media reports had Watson at the end of the Jets’ fishing hook. Fortunately, they did not reel him in.

The Jets were about to unload Sam Darnold. New Jersey and New York media outlets pounded the angles of what it would take to land the disgruntled Watson.

The Jets instead selected Zach Wilson as the second pick in the draft and will try to build around a slew of draft choices.

That’s better than a slew of lawsuits.

Deshaun Watson odds

Which is what Watson, who did not play last year after wanting out of Houston, now faces.

A Houston judge ruled Monday that Watson can face questions under oath in some of the 22 civil cases filed against him by women accusing him of actions ranging from harassment to sexual assault during massage sessions.

Watson will be afforded due process, of course, as a legal matter. Yet that could be time-consuming and hang both over Watson and any prospective NFL team. It would be a toxic public relations problem, as well.

Nonetheless, the board flashes potential action on him.

The Washington Commanders are the favorites +300. Watson is being hailed as a potential savior there, despite the gritty play of Taylor Heinicke last year.

Yes, Watson would have a viable target in Terry McLaurin, but is that enough?

“The Commanders may be able to use somebody and perhaps Deshaun Watson could help them some, but we don’t have a real strong opinion at this point,” Johnny Avello, the director of sportsbook operations for DraftKings, told NJGS.

Other teams on the board include:

  • Tampa Bay +350
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +900
  • New Orleans Saints +900

It’s hard to believe any of these teams want a player who sat out a full season and now faces legal problems. But the betting odds reflect interest in where he goes.

Aaron Rodgers odds

The uncertainty about Rodgers is different. He’s -250 to remain in Green Bay.

If he leaves, the Broncos are the +350 favorite to land him.

The San Francisco 49ers are +800, but just invested in Trey Lance with their No. 1 pick last year.

The Colts are also +800. They are probably not sold on Wentz for the future.

The Steelers are +1200 and would generate enormous excitement if they could bring Rodgers to join receivers Chase Claypool, Diontae Johnson, Pat Freiermuth, and running back Najee Harris.

The Eagles are a +4000 long shot on this board, but surprisingly respected in another.

Russell Wilson odds

Wilson is -250 to stay in Seattle. The Eagles, interestingly enough, moved up in the probability standings in the middle of the week.

Tampa Bay held steady at +1200, the same as Pittsburgh.

The Eagles are shown at +1400, up from +1500 one day earlier. The Miami Dolphins were +1500.

These DraftKings developments, set up only a couple of days apart, reflect the public appetite for offseason news and betting fliers. Bettors must remain alert.

When news broke of Brady leaving the New England Patriots for the Bucs in 2020, for example, Tampa Bay plunged from +5000 to +1400 in roughly a day.

If there’s a landmark development, especially involving Rodgers or Wilson, New Jersey gamblers will likely pounce.


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