Positive COVID Tests Impacting Eagles-Giants Odds At New Jersey Sportsbooks

New York Giants fans can’t get what they want for Christmas, which is a new football team.

But Giants bettors throughout New Jersey can find stocking stuffers via wagers on Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles and with selected promos at various NJ sportsbooks.

It might be easier to tout totals and spreads rather than choosing between Devontae Booker and Saquon Barkley for running back yardage, an assembly of inconsistent pass receivers, and weak quarterback performance. A coin flip is as good of a bet as any wager on a Giants offensive player.

The game further got flipped on its ear Wednesday, when news of Eagles coach Nick Sirianni testing positive for COVID dropped the line like it was a stock market crash. The Giants went from +10.5 to +3.5 as books struggled to predict the Omicron effect on the entire Eagles team.

It’s just another monkey wrench thrown into trying to handicap the Giants.

Never mind Big Blue’s 4-10 record and December descent, along with Philadelphia’s rising 7-7 mark. There’s always money, somewhere, in an NFL game. Even if one has to consider the COVID curve.

Eagles Vs. Giants Odds At NJ Sportsbooks

What wager can create a return today?

Here are five bets gamblers can consider, ranging from creative to standard logic for Sunday’s matchup at Lincoln Financial Field. Most involve the Giants losing, giving bettors the minimum of a consolation prize.

1. Join The Wagering Free-for-all

The Eagles opened at -10 and went to -10.5 early Wednesday. But then came the Sirianni bombshell. What about the rest of the Eagles? The oddsmakers must expect more bad news coming for Philadelphia, because no head coach has ever moved the line seven points this fast.

If a gambler believes the Eagles would cover 3.5, they could take it and get a jump if the line moves back where it started.

The Eagles-Washington Football Team line swung like a pendulum on steroids last week. It went from Philly -2 to -11, back to -6.5 and finally -9.5 at game time. The Washington team being affected by COVID drove the fluctuation.

By the end, a 27-17 Eagles victory, most gamblers were rewarded. It’s not easy to handicap a virus into the equation. But it will move the line wildly, creating opportunities.

2. Take A Moneyline Parlay, With The Giants Losing

Here’s one consideration for a four-legged parlay:

A bettor could take the Eagles against the Giants, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Carolina Panthers, the Green Bay Packers versus the Cleveland Browns, and the Atlanta Falcons against the Detroit Lions. All four lopsided favorites would return +166 at DraftKings Sportsbook.

Gamblers can play around with the moneyline possibilities all they want, finding a combination that matches their expectation of the game. If the Giants don’t win here, gamblers still have a chance to cash in. In this wager, the Giants on the losing end is the anchor for the bet.

Given the rapid line movements, some odds and payouts will change.

3. Betting The Eagles-Giants Game Total

Toying with the over-under, which is listed at 47, is always an option.

Method A

Tease the total up to 53.5 and go under.

The total shot up a touchdown Wednesday on the Sirianni news. Is this an overreaction? The Giants could easily be teased up at the books here. The first game between these teams produced 20 points.

The Giants are the under wonders, with a 4-9-1 mark this year. They are offensively challenged, which impacts this decision. Booker and Barkley are splitting carries, which makes isolating either of them in props difficult.

Besides the offensive lack of direction, the defense plays tough, which also matters.

The under 53.5, combined with the Atlanta Falcons beating the Detroit Lions, and the Green Bay Packers defeating Cleveland, is +105 at DraftKings. Not bad.

4. Method B

Tease the total down and go over.

How long this stays up is unknown, but DraftKings had an unusual line up regarding the total. It moved from 40 to 47with the over at +220. The under is -275. The over-under price is usually -110. The books are struggling to predict the COVID dynamic as much as the bettors are.

The over 41 became -105. And the over 47, with Atlanta and Green Bay both winning, is +245.

5. NJ Sportsbook Promos For Eagles-Giants

This could be the big winner in the group.

New users often hold out joining a book until they are enticed with a bonus. The amounts are dwindling across the books, but here is one from DraftKings that’s viable.

Bet $5 on any NFL, NBA, or college football moneyline and win $200 in free bets if your team wins.

Just follow the promo instructions, which include making at least a $5 deposit and wagering upon games between Dec. 27 and Jan. 10.

Pick a winner, any winner in connection with this promo and receive an excellent payout method: eight free bets of $25each.

Gamblers have one week to use the bets, or they will expire.

This is an attractive structure. Unlike a $200 free bet, which puts pressure on one wager, this promo puts eight $25 markers into one’s lineup. That provides a chance to take some safe plays, like a lopsided favorite, just to put some money in the bank.

Others could be used for more aggressive action, like some bold selections in the +300 to +500 range.

There’s even enough left over to throw a Hail Mary via a multi-legged parlay. Here’s the chance for some bets one can make on someone else’s dime, a shot for a big payday for no risk.

Everybody will likely bank something, it’s just a question of how much.

This is a great bankroll builder. And you don’t have to sweat out the Giants-Eagles game to get it.

When the week began, this promo looked like a consolation prize for suffering Giants fans who had yet to gamble at DraftKings. Given the COVID impact on the Eagles-Giants, it could be the bet of the week.


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