BetMGM Offers NJ Online Gamblers Free Ways To Celebrate NFL’s Return

If you’re a BetMGM Sportsbook user in New Jersey, you probably have a budget set for wagering on the 2021 NFL season. Just ahead of the regular-season opener on Thursday night, BetMGM New Jersey is offering some ways to play that don’t require you to use any of that bankroll.

BetMGM’s benevolence includes two free bets and a no-cost chance at up to $50,000 weekly during the season. If you aren’t yet a BetMGM customer, there’s still time to get in on these deals.

$1,000 Risk Free Bet
Risk Free Bet
$1,000 Risk Free Bet
$10 Free Weekly Bet
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BetMGM New Jersey giving out the Jacksons

The US $20 bill has President Andrew Jackson on its face looking rather stoic but your face might light up when you sign into the BetMGM app today. BetMGM has gifted all its NJ sportsbook users $20 in free bets for use on NFL Week 1 games. The promotion is divided up as two $10 wagers.

That’s right, you don’t need to do anything to get these two free bets. If you have an active account with BetMGM, it’s yours. The only “string” that the sportsbook attached is that you have to use them on NFL Week 1 games.

The first is reserved for tonight’s 2021 season opener between the Dallas Cowboys and defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The other $10 free bet can be used toward any NFL Week 1 game taking place on Sunday.

Whether you want to use it on the New York Jets at Carolina Panthers game, the Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons contest, or maybe the Denver Broncos at New York Giants tilt, it’s up to you.

Like with all free bets, your winnings will only include the profit if you do win. BetMGM won’t pay any of the promotional value to you.

Free bets are a great way to hedge your other bets. Additionally, you can take a little more risk. How about a wager on Calvin Ridley to score and the Eagles to win at +320?

This isn’t the only free way to play on BetMGM for NFL fans, though. Actually, there’s a contest that could be far more lucrative.

King of the Weekend contest details

How does winning up to $50,000 each week without risking any of your money sound? The necessary task is quite simple but difficult to achieve.

In the free-to-play King of the Weekend contest, BetMGM will select five NFL games each week. Naturally, that creates a field of 10 teams.

This week, Jets/Panthers and Giants/Broncos are two of those games. The other three contests are:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills
  • San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions
  • Arizona Cardinals at Tennessee Titans

Your task in the game is to pick the six teams out of the pool of 10 that will score the most points and rank them in descending order. For example, if you think the Giants will score the most points out of these 10 teams this week, you’d rank them No. 1.

If you pull it off and not only pick the correct six teams but rank them all in the correct order, your reward is $50,000. That prize is up for grab each week.

There are smaller prizes for rankings with fewer correct predictions. If you merely pick one of the top six scorers, for instance, you’ll get a free bet worth $1. If no one ranks the top six highest-scoring teams that week correctly, BetMGM will reward the best entry that week with $1,000.

With no entry fee, the only thing you could possibly be out playing this game is a little bit of time. The potential rewards make that well worth the risk.

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