Sling TV Viewers Can Now Access DraftKings Channel For Basketball Betting Information

There are a lot of places to get updates on New Jersey sports betting, like the very site you’re on right now. When it comes to wagering on basketball, the Sling TV DraftKings channel is a new option.

Dish Network has launched a new channel for its streaming television service with more sports on the way. While the channel is essentially a prolonged commercial for DraftKings Sportsbook, it has its uses.

Details on the Sling TV DraftKings channel

Sling TV announced the availability of its basketball-focused DraftKings channel on Thursday. Subscribers should now be able to locate it in the channel guide.

A press release says the channel offers real-time odds and game scores. It’s the first realization of a partnership between the two brands that first became public in March.

The same release also states that similar baseball and hockey channels are coming to Sling TV customers “in the coming weeks.” Undoubtedly, the eventual complement will also offer a football channel.

NJ bettors should note that the channel does not offer access to the online sportsbook. If some of the information on the channel catches your eye, you’ll still need to place your bet on one of your devices as normal.

The value for bettors here is in being able to “multi-task” during basketball games. Real-time information is crucial to successful in-game wagering.

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How the DraftKings Channel can augment live betting

It can often prove challenging to keep up with live betting markets for basketball games, especially if you’re trying to do so with a single device. Having a second screen simplifies the activity.

Of concern, however, is lag. That’s the issue that bettors who want to take part in live betting on a fast-moving sport like basketball often encounter.

First, there’s a gap between when athletes actually take action in a game and when DraftKings receives the information. Then, there’s an amount of time that the sportsbook needs to process the data and update its markets.

Then, of course, there’s the time necessary for bettors to act on the markets. That’s where a second screen becomes of greatest value.

Instead of switching between apps to check on games in progress and then the odds, all a Sling TV viewer has to do is take a gander at the television. The bettor can have the DraftKings app running on their phone at the same time, ready to pounce when the odds are favorable.

As technology improves, these concerns about lags for live wagering should lessen. Media companies like Sling TV can assist bettors now, though, with products like the DraftKings channel.

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