Paige Spiranac Links Up With PointsBet For Content And Investment

How do you get millions of new eyes on your product as a gambling company? That’s a question that PointsBet has recently tried to answer in a new partnership with Paige Spiranac.

The former LPGA tour contender and social media maven has signed on with the Australian gaming company to create new content and for investment purposes. The prospect becomes intriguing considering another project of PointsBet’s.

The details of the Paige Spiranac deal with PointsBet

According to a press release, part of Spiranac’s compensation will be an undisclosed amount of shares in PointsBet. Her face will become central to the brand going forward.

“Today is a very exciting day for the company as we welcome Paige, the No. 1 most followed and interacted with golf personality on social media in the world, into the PointsBet family,” said Johnny Aitken, US CEO of PointsBet.

PointsBet says that Spiranac will both appear in and help create original content for the sportsbook. That will include sports commentary, bettor education, and hosting events.

Plus, the PointsBet NJ sports betting app features a promo with Paige’s daily game.

No one can match Spiranac’s following in the golf world. She counts over 8 million followers over her social channels and had over 100 million views of her YouTube content just last year.

“I believe that sports betting is central to how fans will engage and consume live sports moving forward,” said Paige Spiranac. “I love connecting with my community on social media and I know this category will be a fun, new way to get my audience more involved with not only golf but all sports. I truly believe in what we’re building at PointsBet and I’m thrilled to be a part of this team.”

The partnership makes sense for both parties. There’s an especially intriguing opportunity just on the horizon.

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BetCast and PointsBet’s own following

Earlier this month, NBC-Universal announced some major restructuring of its sports content. It will shutter the NBC Sports Network, shifting a lot of the sports programming to USA or its streaming platform, Peacock.

As part of the Peacock shift, a new second-screen experience involving PointsBet is BetCast. It’s essentially a sports-betting-centric analysis and commentary companion show.

Quite conveniently for Spiranac, Betcast will be focused on golf for the time being. PointsBet hasn’t announced any plans to include Spiranac in that show at this time.

However, the timing of these two developments points in that direction. PointsBet would be hard-pressed to present anyone that golf bettors would be more familiar with.

For Spiranac, this helps her expand her reach even further. Not all people who bet on golf are avid fans of the sport. Her inclusion in gambling content can aid the expansion of her audience.

Additionally, her stock holdings give her a tangible interest in the success of PointsBet. So far, Spiranac has done nothing but hit the greens in all her other endeavors.

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