Five DraftKings Casino Games That Score Big With Sports Fans

DraftKings built its reputation on sports — first as daily fantasy, then as a sportsbook. With the growth of DraftKings Casino, it only seems logical to have some sports-themed online table games as well.

Since launching its online casino in New Jersey in late 2018, DraftKings Sportsbook has expanded its product to other states and gone public. Online casino revenue has fueled a huge chunk of the company’s growth, despite the coronavirus-induced stoppage of major sports.

And a lot of the DraftKings-branded casino games are exclusive to the site, which means only DraftKings will have a football blackjack game.

Sports table games at DraftKings Casino

With most of the major sports in action in September, including some that usually aren’t, it seems fitting that a sportsbook like DraftKings should have a selection of sports-themed games.

And by that, we mean the games are based on traditional casino play but with a sports twist.

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Cross-selling gives DraftKings online casino an edge now that sports are back in play. But are the sports-themed games as unique as they claim?

To answer that question, NJ Gambling Sites decided to give some of those games a test run. And since the NFL is back, we’ll start with a few touchdowns.

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1. Touchdown Blackjack

Touchdown Blackjack combines blackjack and football, with NFL franchises as the teams involved. Start on your 20-yard-line and drive down the field with wins, helped by doubling down and splits. Yardage is added somewhat randomly from hands.

Without downs, players don’t have to punt. Yardage will only be lost if the dealer hits blackjack.

The game runs on standard blackjack rules, with an eight-deck shuffle, 3:2 payout on blackjack with 2:1 on insurance. Players can bet $1 to $5,000 on the cash version, and there is a demo version to try out first.

After scoring the touchdown, players can kick extra points and restart another drive. This creates a unique spin on blackjack and, yes, will likely help distract players from the money being lost. So watch your cash flow.

2. Touchdown Roulette

This is a similarly formatted game to blackjack but on a 00 roulette board. Players can make multiple bets to move down the field.

Touchdown Roulette does have first-down yardage markers. Higher payoff bets such as single numbers yield bigger gains. Players can bet between 10 cents and $5,000. Bets can be undone before the ball starts to roll.

There are graphics to show progress with a score, down and distance, and time.

Roulette is not as straightforward in terms of gameplay as blackjack, as possession will change to the opposition.

3. Hockey Blackjack

Hey, we’re at the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, so we might as well get in some hockey.

This game has the same format as Touchdown Blackjack, with eight-deck shuffles, 3:2 blackjack playoff and 2:1 insurance. Like most casinos, the dealer hits on 16, hard or soft, and stays on 17.

Players are allotted one hand per deal. The sports games do not allow multihand play, at least in the demo.

The user interface on the DraftKings casino games is easy to operate. With a touch, bets can be doubled, changed or renewed for the next hand. During play, it’s easy to hit, stand, double down or split pairs.

Unlike Touchdown Blackjack, the main focus of Hockey Blackjack is the player’s balance. With the cash game, the amount focuses on the account balance.

4. Basketball Roulette

How’s this for a unique opener? Basketball Roulette on DraftKings Casino greets you with a welcome voiced by longtime NBA broadcaster Dick Stockton (or a very good facsimile).

There are excellent graphics and exciting sounds with the bright layout around a halfcourt with a bucket and three-point line. Each turn starts with a basketball shot, which begins the spinning wheel.

The board is a standard 00 roulette grid. Players can bet 10 cents and up on each square or possibility. Select a chip denomination to get started.

The easiest way to make new selections after each turn is to click or tap the board. That clears all previous bets and allows for new wagers.

Selecting an option again will multiply the amount bet. Computer players can click on the arrows in the top-right corner for full-screen play.

5. Basketball Blackjack

The traditional green felt of a blackjack table has been replaced once again. Basketball Blackjack features a parquet-style hardwood.

The player’s spot occupies the center court tipoff circle, while the dealer occupies inside the three-point arc. Very nice touches.

Like the other branded DraftKings blackjack games, this has shuffled eight decks, one hand per turn, and blackjack pays 3:2, with insurance paying 2:1. The dealer must hit on 16 and stand on 17.

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